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Root Canal: Saving the Tooth & Restoring Health

Root canals carry a certain stigma and painful connotation for many people. The saying “… about as much fun as root canal” has a basis in truth, but need not be the case. Let’s start by defining root canal, which is a procedure to save the tooth by drilling a small hole in the tooth (after numbing), removing the infected pulp, and inserting a replacement filler to support the tooth and ward off bacteria from forming again. Then we cap the tooth for strength and function.

Root canals, while admittedly not the most pleasant experience one will ever have, are a time-tested and rather straightforward procedure. You’ll be at our Collingwood dental clinic for an hour or two during your root canal, and you may experience some discomfort for the next day or two. Soon enough, however, you’ll be back in great shape, eating, speaking and smiling as you once did – only this time free of pain and infection. Contact DDS Collingwood to book your root canal appointment.