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Tooth Extractions & Removing Wisdom Teeth

When folks say something “is like pulling teeth,” a certain connotation comes up. That’s fair. But sometimes tooth removal becomes a necessity. We do our best to save the tooth, say in cases of infection, damage or even impaction. Quite often, impaction shows up on an X-ray or imaging scan and we can see that, for example, wisdom tooth removal is the only option. We have an experienced team when it comes to tooth extraction in Collingwood.

If a tooth has excessive decay, is affected by severe gum disease, has been fractured or is impacted by other teeth, we may determine after careful examination that tooth removal is called for. A local anaesthetic is used when tooth extraction is performed, and the day or two after the tooth removal appointment often involve some mild discomfort. We follow up with patients to ensure smooth recovery and will guide you through the process, answering any questions or concerns you may have. To book a consultation for tooth removal in Collingwood contact our dental clinic today.


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